Conn’s HomePlus

Creative development and testing strategy.

Established three champion packages that outperformed their current direct mail efforts
and implemented them into a monthly rotation.  

In addition, we developed a VIP package for their higher-tier customer and a trigger campaign
for those who started a credit application but did not finish.

Within each champion package, we targeted five unique audience segments with
relevant copy and offers for a more 1:1 experience. 

Within each audience segment, we then test different messaging, offers, and call-to-actions
to continuously improve performance.

Conn’s rolled out a new TV ad campaign and wanted to cross that over with
their direct mail. We took the phrase, “Finance is not a bad word!” and came up
with a variety of ways to treat it from a print perspective. 

The alpha-numeric treatment we came up with was a hit, and they even rolled it out
to their socials. 

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